Be part of a positive change in maternal and child health in Haiti!

To join Matènite’s team:

Why should I get involved?

  • I wish to make my network aware of the importance of solidarity cultural exchanges.
  • I wish to benefit from a tool allowing me to popularize issues that I know and/or on which I work daily.
  • I want to broaden my horizons in terms of learning, networking and opportunities for social involvement.
  • I wish to make my network aware of the importance of education for global citizenship.

How to contribute to a positive change?

  • I inform myself about the flagship events of the Matènite campaign and I take part in these events or support their promotion.
  • I broadcast the webdocumentary within my network.
  • I present the webdocumentary and I lead discussions within my network. I use the Matènite pedagogical kit in a school setting.
  • I represent the Matènite team at relevant events.
  • I propose influential opportunities for Matènite (initiatives, events, projects, programs, competitions, etc.)
  • I write to my MP at the federal level to indicate the importance of following the Roadmap to strengthen Canada’s leadership on women’s and children’s health.

How to value my actions?

  • I learn about the strategies advocated to contribute to a positive change.
  • I broadcast the happening, the process, and the result of the actions carried out within my network.
  • I use the hashtag #MateniteAyiti as a priority for any publication on social networks and I identify or present the organizations behind the Matènite initiative for both face-to-face and online actions. I also use the following hashtags: #prosami #loeuvreleger #droitsdesfemmes #santedesfemmes #CanadaenHaiti #CanadaEnTête

How to help Matènite’s team to value my actions?

  • I inform the team of the use I intend to make of the webdocumentary.
  • I send photos and videos of the actions carried out.
  • I send comments on actions and statistics on participation.

How to measure the positive change caused by my actions?

  • I noticed that some prejudices were put to the test.
  • I noticed that the audience was interested in learning more.
  • I noticed that the discussions generated made it possible to question the reality of maternal and child health in my community or elsewhere.
  • I noticed that my actions gave rise to an implication or social vocation.

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