PROSAMI: for the full development
of mothers and children in Haiti

PROSAMI, the project

The Jules and Paul-Émile Léger Foundation has been present and engaged in the community of Léogâne, Haiti, since 1986. Currently, the Foundation is conducting a large-scale maternal and child health project (PROSAMI) aimed at reducing the mortality rate of mothers and young children from the region, among the highest in the country. The project called PROSAMI is thus working to strengthen the supply of obstetric, pediatric and neonatology services in health facilities in the Léogâne-Gressier region, to build a center for obstetric surgery and to improve the services offered in the area’s five community health centers.

The Foundation also works to sensitize the Haitian population on the right to health and to promote new services offered, including the establishment of a network of 50 community health workers. In Canada, the Foundation has decided to raise awareness on issues related to the health of mothers, newborns and children in Haiti.

Matènite, the webdocumentary

To do this, the Jules and Paul-Émile Léger Foundation initiated a webdocumentary project, MATÈNITE, designed by Approprimage, to report on maternal and child health issues in Haiti. Matènite portrays these multiple realities through portraits of men and especially women overcoming the challenges of motherhood in their country. Each of the stories evokes a larger and more national history of resilience and the remaining challenges to be worked on.

Matènite, the mobile exhibition

In order to raise awareness and engage the Canadian public on the health and social issues faced by Haitian mothers and young children in the Léogâne and Gressier region, the Jules and Paul-Émile Léger Foundation also has a mobile and interactive exhibition, also designed by Approprimage, to maintain dialogue on the subject of maternal and child health in Haiti.

Matènite is also a mobile exhibition project in virtual reality.

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The Jules and Paul-Émile Léger Foundation and Approprimage wishes to thank the great contribution of the participants to this webdocumentary project, in particular:

  • Marie Guerline Pierre
  • Serginio Auguste
  • Marie Italienne François
  • Wilson Joachim
  • Magalie Salomon
  • Ronaldo Desrosiers
  • Solange Attis
  • Diana Leriche
  • Danièle Magloire
  • Carine Clermont
  • André-Paul Vénor
  • Joan Lysias
  • Mireille Henry
  • Voltaire
  • Pierre Denis Laurent


  • Julien Dechamps Jolin, designer, director, editor, cameraman, writer
  • Jonathan Boulet Groulx, designer, director, production director, cameraman
  • Manon Harsigny, designer, production coordinator, editor, writer
  • Audrey Wells, graphic design
  • Marc Lariviere, graphic design
  • Patrick Boivin, web development
  • Patrick Vézina, web development
  • Victor Hayeur, sound and music composer
  • Marine Clément-Colson, editor
  • Marie Flore Morett, translator
  • Jean-Philippe Brouillard and Moustapha Dembélé,
    executive producers and case managers

  • Frédérique Thomas, director, international programming
  • Jaime del Carpio, program manager, Latin America
  • Michel Carroll, project manager
  • Dr Patrick Dimanche, institutional support advisor
  • Dr Santia Chancy, governance and monitoring and evaluation advisor
  • Miss Miriame Augustin, community support advisor
  • M. Willy Georges, administrator / accountant of PROSAMI
  • M. Paulinet Lauture, driver and logistical support
  • M. Sabaël Auguste, driver and logistical support


Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti
Center for International Cooperation in Health and Development (CCISD)